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sotware waterjet cutting machines

Control Software

Operator/Machine Interface

The new machine/operator interface is very intuitive. It provides all the elements to monitor the system. Users can monitor cutting parameters ,the extraction system, materials, etc. This allows you to easily control the cutting system and monitor the progress of a cut from one standard location, changing and positioning the different colored pieces.

software cad cam

TCI Expert Cut 2D

TCI Expert Cut 2D is a CAD/CAM system especially built to automate the water jet cutter’s programming. It perfectly combines technology with programming needs and customer management.

All the Expert Cut options are integrated into a sole program. You can manage all the applications from the same program such as designing pieces, importing, nesting, generating cuts, generating CNC, etc.

Technical Characteristics

  • Production managing and team work
  • Managing piece, 2D design and parametric pieces store.
  • Sheet warehouse with open data bases
  • To work out time and costs
  • Importer/exporter program connected to the most important CAD systems in the market as DXF, DWG, IGES, etc.
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The semi-automatic and manual nesting is a perfect combination. It has powerful manual nesting functions such as copying, moving, rotating, etc. and the automatic nesting exploits the positioning of the sheet pieces and textiles.


Expert Cut manages every kind of attack in each outline. It can execute a simple cut among several pieces or just between two pieces with micro cuts and pre-cuts. It can detect mistakes in design and in the machining center. It provides mechanical attacks, manual and automatic cutting, mechanical copying, personalized programming machines and a post-processor. It also provides planks for water jet cutting for each specific machine, speed reduction in corners, special drilling and multi-heads.

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tci flex3d 5x

Flex3D 5X is a specific application to automate the water jet machine programming with 5-axis. This is the perfect accessory for Expert Cut 2D. It is compatible with the main design system in 2D using “in-sheet field.” It can import pieces in all kinds of formats in order to use them to generate the cut.

Users just have to follow the step by step software instructions.

Technical Characteristics

  • Surface and solids Importer 3D, SAT, IGES, VDA, etc.
  • Data base and materials with Expert Cut.
  • Detecting geometry, outline cutting and thickness.
  • Manual modification of cutting head and cutting vector in each point and in tables.
  • Collision checking.
  • Outline quality
  • Automatic change to Expert Cut to mechanize software.
  • Working set simulation.
tci flex3d 5x


Flex 3D 5X automatically detects all the cutting piece outlines and it allows the operator to select the pieces automatically in all outlines.

It also allows a choice in outline quality. Once the machinery is set up, the system simulates the complete process and it automatically detects collisions that can take place between the cutting head and any parts that perform in the cutting process. When this happens the machine announces a collision warning and allows the user to change the cutting direction and to modify any cutting vectors at any outline point and at the cutting head.

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